These nights wear your face nubian smile full moon canopy for lovers left without light and shade

Walls close into us and you say walking narrow spaces is a prerequisite for love

I walk into the water falls to keep you close to be reassured you are not the only part of the universe that escaped from a rock to never come back

& i fashion a song out of everything left and entrust it with the wind In it i show you that it is in the things au naturel like the door opening to your panda smile

& all the bric- a- bracs of us that I refuse to let go

You are also refusing to shrink into a black hole It is the eternal struggle- love & pain i do not desire to free you Birds never free wind

Image credit : Kosoluchi.♥️

In Peace

P. The peace of the Lord be with you.

R. And with your spirit.

I open my wrist and jackals in two’s make red spurts-
thier eyes, the grin of a crescent.
I have no need to keep this car on the road anymore.
The weed in my fingers fall,
you rise from it’s white smoke.
I want to hold you in,
but evanescent (as you are always) you escape into air.
Bliss like this is always momentary,
like a kiss placed on a war bound lover’s lips

the hastened sweet of liquor gulped before a man tastes freedom on the neck of his own rope.

The jackals, they come for me, tearing me up into light.
There are golden chariots around me, stallions with bloody faces galloping to someplace day does not set in the eyes of men who bring thier own peace.

Post Mortem

 For Victoria and Michael 


What are smiles 

if they fade easy? 

a young leaf falls off  

into wind’s wings 

settling brown.

a fruit unripe

 drops. rots.

and earth says its fair. 

all dreams 


and earth says its fair. 


Where you once were

(somewhere deeper than here) 

   – a fire, 

now a larger fire.

I don’t know where you are.

if a god or a fiend welcomes you,

bathe in flames or flowers.

I know you know how well to make joy out of everything.

If i could write in water.

If i could write in water.

Hello good people. I can no longer pretend to be young. Adulthood reminds me of that every time .  But i discovered that poetry and love  allows me to always be young, naive and careless.

So to prevent adulting, i have penned down these memories, emotions in a very personal and  brutally honest way.

I am pretty sure for anyone who has loved young or loved wild, or runs into the arms of the moon at night, lonely and in fear of  loving. These poems are for you.



Chiedozie Danjuma.



If i could write in water by O. Chiedozie Kelechi Danjuma


​You say I write so I have the words sometimes it fails like now 

it’s failing no sense in any word to describe you on the bed sheets 

planets are orbiting my head heaven is cloistered in a small room 

sun inside your legs an apparition immaculate no words no words

 just light glistening light.