It was nine-thirty,Monday ,morning and Donald opened the door to his favorite café, bella’s place.He went straight to the counter,queuing to make his order.

”Good morning.sir”

”Good morning. Victoria. how was  your night?”

”fine sir. but it’s not Victoria,sir,it’s titi. The voice came again behind the screen. Donald raised his face and noticed the face he was seeing was strange.

”Are you new here? he asked.

”yes, I am sir. what do you want sir?

”since you are new, I guess you should check your regular client register. My name is surely somewhere there. I have a sort of time table,it would be easier if you just check up my name up the list and my preferences.”

”Okay,what is the name again sir?

”Donald”. he replied.

she clicked up the name on her keyboard” Donald Ehis ? She asked, looking up.


”bread,white eggs and coffee”


”I got that in a bit for you”

”where did you say Victoria went to? he asked

”she has been transferred to our new branch on the mainland, and sir,there is a debit memo here saying you haven’t paid for last week,sir”

”alright,how much is it?

”Twelve thousand naira,sir”

”Is your boss, bella, is she in ?

”yes,she is”

”okay,let me go see her”

”okay,sir,i will get your breakfast”

Donald headed to bella’s office and met her secretary,

”what do you want sir? the secretary,asked,winking. Donald hated this secretary, she openly flirted with him with crazy unabashed boldness,and he did not want her to lose her job else he would have had her reported long time ago.

”I want to see bella”

”alright,let me phone her, she cupped her cleavage as if trying to position it well.Donald pretended as if he didn’t see her. sensing none of her antics were  working, she decided to give up,and phoned bella,who then asked her to let him in.

”bella good morning, must  I put up with all this protocol, before I see you.

”you mean anne, she is just doing her job,  how you doing, don ehis ? as she fondly called him”

”I’m fine, you never told me Victoria would be transferred” he said,not wanting to report the secretary.

”yea,don.it came impromptu. The sales on the mainland were increasing and we needed another hand down there, but the new girl Titi,she is good though”

”where do you get these beauties from? he asked jokingly

”haba,i run a restaurant,so i gat to have beautiful attendants, if you know what I mean.

Donald smiled.

”Titi just informed me that I owe you twelve thousand naira, and i didn’t see it in my mail”

”I waived that for you. u b ma person na, so we decided to give you last week bills off”

”sounds great , sometimes i dey wonder,if una no dey wash pant put for my food sef”. Donald teased.

”haba, me and you,don know pass that one na..and Donald,i heard your company is selling shares”

”yea,bella, are you interested? if you are,we will talk later, got to take breakfast” he said, standing up.

”alright don, and have a nice day sweetheart”

”you too”

Donald headed to the counter

”sir, here is your breakfast”

”Thank you,since you are new here, can i get to know you,uhm, let’s say we do pizza at domino this evening.” he offered

”don’t know sir,this is my first day working here, so i might work overtime. Maybe some other time, sir.” She politely declined.

”Alright, the name is Donald. Here is my business card”. She collected and said thank you.  Donald took his breakfast to his table and started eating. He glanced at his wrist watch, it was fifteen minutes past ten. He had clearly overstayed, and he had enormous tasks to perform at the office. He stole a glance at Titi again, this time their eyes met, but she looked away. There was something about her; something that set his heart beating, something that made him feel incomplete. He shrugged, he was the executive director of Fortpax oil and had a lot of responsibilities and never allowed a woman to preoccupy his mind. That got him to the height he had reached. He finished eating, said bye to her and walked to the garage.

to be continued.

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