Nigerian sexy model who was once male.

nigerian-transgender-man-611   missnigeriatransgender  Surprised? sure you are. The beauty who goes by the name miss sahhara is a member of the transgender community. Transgender are people who have both sex(male and female)characteristics. She spoke on how living in Nigeria was hell for her due to her mixed sex.

This is an excerpt of what she wrote” I am standing in front of my mirror, looking at my reflection. Tears of joy trickle my rogued face before going on stage. I am in tears because I just can’t believe how realistic my dreams have become. I am a woman!

”living my life freely; accepted and respected for who I am and my achievements as a model and as a performer. I did not imagine life could be this amazing after been released from a horrid Nigerian prison for being different.

Being imprisoned felt justifiable considering that I was being punished for being ‘ gay’-something they assumed through my feminine features and mannerisms.

I wasn’t gay, I  am a woman born differently due to natural defects.what I felt did not match my outward appearance. Being assigned male at birth, doesn’t  make you a man or a woman. I was born male but my features, gestures, carriage functioned as female.

I dreamt of being free with myself, that freedom came when I moved to the U.K. Finding girls like me gave me hope of not being alone in my journey of self discovery.

Transgendered people are human too. We are your brothers, your sisters, your children, your friend and your lovers. Stop the hate!

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what do you think about this ?

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