Tea or Coffee?

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continued …..

Donald sank into his couch. It was a long day at work. His boss had sent him queries on a site report. Donald had sent the site report thrice incorrectly until his boss finally phoned.

”Donald, what is delaying the reports, are you sure you are okay?  he had asked.

” I’m fine sir. I would get the reports modified and sent to you sir”

” Get your head straight as usual and give me those reports”

” Alright sir.

He managed to send it much later during the day, but after more modifications. It was a bad day, he had scolded his secretary twelve times, barked at his subordinates for  flimsy reasons, and his head unusually felt cloudy.”God! He was going nuts, nuts because of a lady. It all seemed weird, a lady he barely knew, a lady he met just this morning.

” Gosh, no, I must control myself, yes I must, God help me” He muttered silently wishing his guardian angel was nearby so that he would convey his prayer with the speed of lightning to God.

The last time, he had felt this way for a woman, was eight years ago, he was twenty three at that time and was a final year student at the University of Abuja, when he met Yvonne. They were both final years and they had fallen head over heels in love with each other since their first year in school. She was like his spirit and to her he was her soul. They were perfect together. Donald glanced at a small portrait he still had of her hung on his wall. She was his heartbeat, until a ghastly motor accident, brought her life to a screeching halt a day after their convocation.

Donald kicked his shoe off, unbuttoned his suit and tossed his tie on the bed. he remembered that day, a day that left him the most painful shocks of his life. He had proposed formally to Yvonne on the night of their convocation and she had screamed ”yes, yes, yessss”. happiness sprayed all over her face.  They had gone out for dinner and she spent a blissful night at his  place , and woke up early, made breakfast, and prepare to make the ill fated trip to Lagos, so as to see her mother who was ill.

” honey, don’t you think you should use the plane instead ?” Donald had asked.

”sweetheart, I thought we had trashed this before.. Its fun travelling more by road” she had said

”alright, if that’s what you want” That was a statement Donald wished he hadn’t made. he should have made her take the plane instead,

she kissed him that morning, like she knew it was the last time and left,

Left to come back no more.

Donald got the shocker later during the day. Her bus had collided with  a heavy duty trailer. The driver lost control, and skid off the expressway and somersaulted several times before crashing into a ditch. Yvonne remains were barely recognizable. They had to cremate them. Donald shrugged. All these years, it seemed his heart was shut by her exit. He never loved again, he had girlfriends(of course, he had, he was an executive director of fortpax oil!) but they were flings and one night stands. That was why he was surprised the new sales girl at bella’s café, titi, could make him feel this way. he had however made up his mind not to go the café again for breakfast, and then he came up with an idea. He called Bella

”Bella, good evening”

” good evening, sweetheart how was your day?

” my day was not so good” he replied.

” what happened and it’s unusual for you to call in the evenings, is anything the matter?

” yea, headaches, just some office stress. I need you to do something for me.

” and what’s that don hon?

” I want my breakfast to be henceforth sent by courier. I would arrange that”

”aww. don, is it  about the new girl or something, is she saucy , arrogant?  I would have her replaced, as soon as possi….

” no, no no,  he cuts in, ”don’t. she’s fine. I just need more time at the office, amd the time spent driving to and fro could be utilized more on my job”

”alright don, we are always  at your service.


”goodnight, dearie. nighty night”

Donald heaved a huge sigh of relief. He was glad he would not be seeing her again, maybe he would get himself, he certainly didn’t need a woman right now. Not now, that he had his eye on directing his company offshore office.

Titi lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling, her room mate  Tania, was fast asleep, and had not noticed she was back. Work was fun today, She had met a lot of  interesting people, celebrities, people, she never knew she would see in flesh. she wished Tania, was awake so that she would tell her that Tuface and his wife Annie, had lunch at her thier cafe today. She envied her boss, who had such amazing and prestigious  clients. Of all people, she met today, Donald Ehis was the most intriguing. He was handsome, but it was clear, that he was a flirt, and she sure disliked flirtatious men.She closed her eyes, cuddled herself to sleep, then her phone rang.

It was her boss, bella. She picked.

”Good evening ma”

”good evening, Titi, how are you are you at home?

”yes, i’m ma.”

”alright,tommorrow, you are going with my driver , Segun to deliver Mr Donald Ehis breakfast, check the register, for his name, company address and his menu.He wants his food henceforth by courier.

”but ma…… Titi tried to object.

” calm down Titi, i know you moralist girls don’t like going to  a handsome man’s office, but Mr Donald is a nice man too, okay.have a nice rest.

Titi felt like screaming, what does this man want from me, what does he take me for, a slut or something. damn, if its my body he wants, he is not getting a piece of it” she yelled  aloud. her roommate, Tania stirred, and opened her eyes.

” Titi,  you are back”

” yea, I am”

‘who’s asking for your body? Tania asked blinking her eyes.

”Its some man who thinks because he is a director at Fortpax oil, he can get any girl he wants. She said,  anger laded in her voice.

” Calm down titi, its your first day working here, and you ought not to be this bad. Who’s he? she asked

”says his name is some Donald Ehis” Titi replied dismissively.

”oh, my God, you must be kidding” Tania replied as she gasped.

”No, am not, what’s the matter? titi asked, surprised

” That guy is as fine as heaven and madly rich, he is a  socialite and a force to reckon with on the island”

” and so”

” and so many things; cars, vacations, e.t.c

” look, Tania, this is ridiculous. I’m not some cheap whore, my body isn’t for sale, If that’s why he wants me to deliver his breakfast at his office, myself, I shouldn’t …..

”at his office ”,  Tania cuts in. ”babe u don hammer o, in fact u don buy motor. The guy has money, he has money”

”I’m sorry to disappoint you, but am not interested”

” we could always swap places anytime” Tania replied, teasingly.

Titi closed her eyes, threw the blanket over her head, half wishing tomorrow wouldn’t come.

to be continued,

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