Tea or coffee

tea Thank y’all for reading the previous posts. let me quickly summarise the first episode.  Donald, who is an executive director at Fortpax oil falls in love  at first sight with Titi, whom he met at a cafe where she is an attendant. he is trying despearately to get over her and concentrate fully on his job, but is true love easy to get over? lets find out together in the 2nd episode of  ”Tea or coffee”.  Merci. thanks a lot for reading, and please, drop your comments, don’t just like. I got to hear from you guys. Thank you once again.

EPISODE 2    Donald woke up in a lighter mood, the next morning. More people were responding to the shares his company had put up for sale, and that was a huge plus for him. He complimented his secretary on her dress today, and she smiled, knowing instantly that his mood today was better than yesterday. He smiled back, knowing the reason she was smiling and wished he could apologize to her for how much he scolded her unjustly yesterday, but of course he couldn’t, it was a bad habit: he rarely said sorry. He sat down on his desk, picked up his files, turned on his computer and proceeded to work. He glanced at his clock, it was nine-twenty and he hadn’t taken his breakfast. He remembered he had told Bella that he would send  his driver, Segun to come pick his breakfast at her cafe.He phoned his secretary. ”Hello, Wunmi, inform Segun to go to Bella’s cafe, give him the address and tell him to see Bella herself. ” okay sir” Titi sat down beside Bella’s driver.They were on their way to Fortpax oil head office .Thoughts raced through her head, she remembered Tunji, her ex-fiance, and his death and stifled a tear. Her driver honked, they were in front of the office already. She opened the picked Mr.Donald’s breakfast and opened the door, and walked in. She was ready for him, ready for any sexual advances he might try to make. She would tell him off to his face, and maybe slap him hard if he tried anything funny. The reception lobby was well decorated, and she noticed his picture hung on the wall. Everybody seemed busy, even the secretary seemed oblivious of her presence. Titi walked up to her and asked: ” can i see Mr.Donald Ehis? ” from where please? ”Bella’s cafe” ” Hold on, a second”. She dialed her her boss number. ”  yes,Wunmi, i wanted to call you just now.its nine-thirty already, have you sent Segun? ”Yes, i have, but  a bella’s cafe staff is already here,sir” ”-here? ”yes sir. she glanced at Titi, and noticed the bag she was clutching, and added” with your breakfast sir” ” let him or her in” The secretary turned to Titi,” climb the stairs, his office is at the right” ” alright, thanks.” Titi paused at the door to breathe in and walked into his office. ”Thier eyes met. Donald swallowed and took his eyes away. ” Good morning sir” Titi greeted, shifting her gaze to his breakfast pack.” I was asked to give you this sir” ”alright, drop it on the table, i would serve myself” ”good day” he added. ” bye sir”. Titi replied as she left his office. she heaved a sigh of relief, he had barely looked at her, it was as if she didn’t exist.. but she noticed, there was this gravitational pull towards him, especially when thier eyes met. He was handsome. She felt like smacking herself  for admitting it but it was true. She closed her eyes, and prayed to the memory of her dead ex-fiance to forgive her. ”Tunji don’t be annoyed, i was just a lil bit carried away. Donald sat behind his desk. His secretary walked in without knocking, at first glance at her boss, she knew his mood had changed and regretted her action immediately. ” Wunmi, what’s wrong with you. can’t you knock or call in before you barge into my office? ” I am sorry sir. she mumbled. ” call me Segun.” ” okay sir. she walked out, heads bowed, her boss wasn’t this difficult to work with, but since yesterday, she has being seeing sides of him, she never knew existed. Something must be definitely wrong, maybe stress of the office, she shrugged and called his driver, Segun. Segun walked into Donald’s office. ” Segun, didn’t I instruct you to go to the café at nine thirty? ” yes, I did sir, I went there, but Bella told me she had sent her attendant to come to the office to give you the breakfast” ” and your common sense…..” he stopped. he had wanted to rant, but he decided it was of no use. He was being foolish by venting his frustration on others who had nothing to do with them. he turned to his driver . ”you can go”. He sat on his chair. There was something spiritual about this lady, about Titi, she was like a mermaid, glowingly fair like those half beings of the sea, whom  it was rumored had the ability of mesmerizing and leaving one in a life time trance. He had managed not to betray his emotions  when she walked in. She had left her hair uncurled, cascading her neck like snow from the Himalayan mountains There was this heavenly serenity that filled the office when she walked in, she was dressed in TM shirts tucked neatly in denim pants, and she looked innocently elegant. He had managed to take his eyes off her, and thanking his stars he pulled that off pretty well.  He had to see her. Yes he must. No matter how tough she might claim to be, she must bend. other women in his life before had, so she would not be an exception. Titi reached the office. she was confused. why did Mr. Donald ask her for office delivery of his breakfast? was it just to see her or something else. she had thought he would try some funny moves but he seemed oblivious of her presence. Now it was dawning on her that she was slowly developing feelings for this man, a man she met just yesterday, there was a  gap his presence filled, and for a split second she had felt like not leaving his office. but deep inside her she knew nothing could work between both of them, he was an executive at a leading oil company, while she was some attendant at a café, and her problem with men, yes, that ugly curse, he would most likely die like others before him. Well today’s visit at his office showed he wasn’t interested in her, which was surely good for him. She might never get married in her lifetime. she put on her apron and went to work. Donald picked up his car keys and drove to Bella’s café himself. He was going to see Titi. To be continued ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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