”Go and die” Gov. Oshiomole tells poor widow.Watch how leaders in Nigeria Lead without Compassion.

widowNigerian political officers lack the slightest trace of compassion in them. Few months ago, it was Lagos gov. Babatunde Fashola  sending Igbo destitute, and supposedly beggars  back to their state of origin, now it’s Edo state governor, comrade Oshiomole now telling a poor widow to ”go and die” after confiscating her wares. The poor widow was caught hawking as a means for putting food on her table. She pleaded for mercy, but got the most unkind word a man can ever say to a fellow human being. Imagine a country where elected officers don’t  feel anything for those that elected them, and for a woman at that..It is sad, very sad.

I wonder if we won’t all descend the six feet someday.


what do you think about this ?

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