Tea or coffee? #4

teaHi people, it’s another beautiful week, thanks for reading the previous posts and liking them too, it is well appreciated. If you haven’t been following this serial, kindly click the short stories category at the top of this page and read.. Please don’t just read and run away let me know what you think too ,do comment guys … happy reading.


Donald alighted from his car, and strolled towards the café door. He stopped abruptly in his tracks, and thought about what he was about to do and sighed. ” I left my job at the office  to come and see a woman! gosh,  I am certainly going nuts” he mused.He turned back, wanting to enter his car and drive back to the office when Titi stepped out of the café. Their eyes met and Titi took her eyes off immediately and walked on. Donald walked up to her.

” excuse me”

” Yes, what can I do for you sir?” she replied professionally.

” I was just wondering where you were going, If you don’t mind, I could give you a ride.” he  offered

she looked at him, surprised and then replied ” I’m sorry, I don’t take rides in a stranger’s car”

Donald bit his lower lip. ” I’m not a stranger, miss. I am a client at your café, and you came to my office this morning, and I did not treat you this rude. ”What do you really want, Mr. Donald ? ”

I want us to be friends. get to know each other” he replied

” I’m sorry, I am not interested” she said emphatically and walked away.

” Titi, I just want us to be friends, is that too much to ask for?

” Look, Mr. Donald, she faced him, I know your type, jumping from one ass to another. I am not that kind of woman, if you are looking for some one to lay, go to a brothel !!. she retorted.

Donald was stunned. He had never been this embarrassed by a lady before. What was he doing? he was the executive director at a leading oil company for Christ sake, and he was here taking insults from a mere cafe attendant” . He dismissed those thoughts and followed her. ” Wait, listen. he ran after her, till he caught up with her. I’m not that type, Titi , I’m not. I’m just asking us to be friends.” he said, his eyes locked into hers pleadingly. Titi looked at him, here was Donald Ehis, one of the biggest men on the island, begging. She imagined what her roommate, Tania’s reaction would be, when she tells her about today’s happenings. She smiled, looked up at Donald and replied ” Alright. If that’s what you want. We are already friends.

” Really? I mean just like that ? he asked happily. Thanks Titi, can we do dinner at your café tonight?

”er, No, we can’t. She replied.

”okay, we could go to some other restaurant; domino for instance, please? ”

okay, deal”

”deal then, perfect, cool. I would come and pick you up myself, by six thirty. how about that?

” fine by me”  she replied.

”so where are you heading to?mind if I take you there myself ? Donald offered.

”There is absolutely no need. It’s just by the corner .”

”Alright, take care till six-thirty’

‘ ”you too” Titi replied.

Donald felt like he had won a contract and at the same time felt like a young boy who just acquired a new toy. When he walked toward his car, he felt like a huge load had been lifted off his chest. Clearly he was lovestruck. six o’clock hit the dial and he closed officially from work. He called his driver Segun. ”You won’t be driving me home tonight. we’ll see tomorrow morning. ”okay sir”.    Donald removed his blazer he had hung in his office and put it on. He smiled warmly at his gateman , walked to the garage, entered his car and zoomed off to Bella’s café.

It was six twenty and Titi had finished her work for the day. She put away the record books, removed her company’s uniform and slipped into her casual wear.

”where are you off to? Bola, her co-worker queried ”

I got a date” she replied. Donald walked in shortly. Bola gasped, and winked at Titi.

” hey”

”hey”  she replied.

” how was work today? ”

” fine, yours? ” couldn’t have been better. are you set to go?

” yea, I’m. she answered. They walked out of the café to his car, he opened the door, she stepped in, and they zoomed off. ”have you been to domino eatery before? he asked driving. ” Yes I have. I went once with my roommate.”

” roommate ? you don’t stay alone?

”no, I don’t I stay with a friend of mine, the rent cost over here is too high for me to live alone.”

” so welcome to the island, how are you enjoying it? he asked smiling.

”It’s cool. I notice, they club and party a lot over here than the mainland. I don’t club though.

”you don’t? that sounds boring. so what do you do with your Friday nights? he quizzed.

” what nights were meant for- I sleep of course” she replied.

” It seems you are the religious type.”

”not really. I don’t consider myself one though. I’m just a  believer in God.

”Yep, we are here” They had reached Domino’s restaurant. It was the prime restaurant in Lagos and was frequented mostly by foreigners who resided in Lagos.

”Welcome .” the gate man greeted when they walked in.

”Thank you” they replied.

”so make yourself comfortable, Titi, what would you like to eat?

”I’m not really hungry; I would just take something light”

Donald motioned to the waiter. ”get us ice cream and cup cakes”

” at your service sir” The waiter replied.

” so let’s start with you, can I get to know you” Donald asked looking up to her.

” you know me already” she replied.

” yea. I know you are a lady that works at my friend café. I know your name is Titi, that’s all I know.

The waiter returned.

Thank you” Titi said. Well that’s all to know about me at least for now. lets talk about you. The first time I saw this face was on a magazine. Forbes magazine named you among the 40 young entrepreneurs to watch”

oh, that,” Donald chuckled, I don’t know how they rated that, but I certainly didn’t deserve to be on the list”

” Really?, I don’t think so. You are an executive at leading oil company , and owner of a large online retail store.

” seems you know much about me already, what about you? I know you are an attendant, but what were you doing before that. schooling?

”I was a model”

wow, so what happened, why did you quit?

” well, I’m just past it. I  will be turning twenty six this year and in the harsh world of modeling, twenty four upwards is a little bit old. the eighteen year olds are just all over the place.

”That’s true and they could do anything to strut the runway” Donald added.

” well, its kinda normal. I wouldn’t have left modeling if not for some reasons though.

”reasons like” Donald inquired.

” so many things happened in the…. she stopped. This man was leading her out of her shell, making her say what under normal circumstances she wouldn’t have, while he just sat there feasting on her body with his eyes. but what could she have done, it was like a force emanating out him surrounded her, drawing her close to him, making it seem like she had known him for ages. she had to fight it, she had to leave.

” you cut your sentence short, why? he asked

”nothing, I think I need to get going. I got to go home.” she said standing up

”so soon? you aren’t through with your pancakes.”

” I’ll take them home”

alright I will drop you, just give me a minute. she walked outside. He went to the counter and paid the bills and met her standing beside the car. she was stunning. why didn’t she apply for the miss Nigeria beauty pageant, he mused. that would certainly be a question for another day. He walked straight to her intently, and with a courage he didn’t know where it came from, grabbed her lips, and kissed her. Titi wanted to shove him away, but it seemed an unseen force froze her, making her lose momentary consciousness as she melted in his lip onslaught.

IT seems Titi might have fallen in love, but a family voodoo that kills any man that tries to marry her might be a stumbling block. also, a dirty secret of Donald is brought to light .. how will these two love birds defeat these forces? join me on the trail of ”tea or coffee next week,  ….  enjoy my poems and stay tight till then…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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