Someone talk to old Proud Foolish Time

Tell time not to tick again,

because moments like this

might never come again.

Tell it to stop, my lady tell it to wait,

We are alive in this moment, we are oblivious of the world

we have forgotten the day’s date

we don’t know what is in store for the next minute,

we care less because all sorrows, all joys in the world except this,

we have all seen it.

Down the centuries, lamp in hand

we’ve waited for each other,groping, searching patiently in the dark,

but now you are in my arms; our hearts are found

So, tell time not to tick again

and if it doesn’t listen,

We’ll go gladly  yonder

where time is  but a dead ghost

There, shall we gladly flee

if foolishly proud , time still claims to be.


what do you think about this ?

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