LOOKING BACK AT 2013: highlights and lowlights.

Wow! It’s surprising how the year just whizzed by. Just about 352 days ago, I had exclaimed ”happy new year”. in my  rural village’s church, hugging friends and family members, placing phone calls and texting acquaintances, glad that 2012 and all its troubles had packed its bags and left on a forever journey. 2013 came knocking, and its almost on its way out, and so many things went by, so I decided to share with my blog fam, areas in my life that was affected or effected this year.

This year, I got a major push in my academics.I got my dream course!. I have always wanted to study law, and I was granted that wish this year.( so you can call me when you have a case. lol). I finished an aviation and travel consultancy diploma  course,  I also went for a couple of seminars including the farafina workshop that was tutored by “purple hibiscus” author Chimammanda Adichie, and ”Youth Enterprise hosted by Akin Alabi. So I guess this year was  year of motivation preparing me for (hopefully) the glories of next year. I read books, perhaps twenty including Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Robert Greene’s Art of Seduction e.t.c.

I also had my first office experience,working at a fairly large Travel agency.Having deadlines to meet, reporting to superiors, working with people,mostly women who were my seniors, learning team work and humility and most importantly, how the aviation sector works. It was awesome.

To important to forget, was my first online job, working with an online youth based literary magazine,we write. having a clique of young people who share the same passion, sharing Ideas with them was great.  Plus yea, I started this blog, www.doziestories.wordpress.com to share the literary side of me and its been great  especially when I  check my stats and I see the number of people reading my posts. I feel very happy and thank you all for entering this part of my life.

I teamed up with friends including the best producer on planet earth, mike, to form the best  music crew around town. Muti Incredible Creation Muzik. I did a coupla tracks and freestyles( nothing real serious yet). Education, work, and all didn’t grant me time to look seriously into my music side.

This year, to be honest, my spiritual life dwindled unlike last year. I went late for masses like crazy, missed confessions and all. Just hoping next year wouldn’t be same.

I gave up bad habits, I stopped codeine. Most of my very close friends never knew I used that drug, but thank God I’m off its hook now. Though there is still one grave habit I am praying to God I conquer. hopefully, that would come under my  new year resolutions.

Relationships: I had decided at the early part of this year to stay away from ”emotional” relationships and looking back, I think I fared well. That is not to say I was a saint this year, I was not, I admit. But the flirty part of me was on a low key this year than previous years. I guess its a sign of maturity. I learnt how to foster relationships with the opposite sex, without thinking about the bed. I learnt more to respect women, and love them in a filial, honorable manner.

I didn’t get to finish the novel I started last year, and I’m wondering if I would be able to finish it next year due to school, work and other  attachments. This year  I made  friends . I dropped some though, even those that never expected me to drop them. If I should keep writing about how my year was, I might never stop. But all I can say is that it was eventful and full of many firsts and God’s blessings. I hope next year would be better, I mean far better.

Lastly, I thank you all for your presence and support. Its been awesome having you all as friends.  Wishing you too a peace-filled and prosperous new year!


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