Tea or coffee#5



Hi, people. I am so sorry I am posting this episode a little bit late than as usual. Thank you for liking the previous posts and dropping your comments. It is well appreciated.  if you haven’t been following this blog serial kindly click the menu button on the blog, and move to the ” short stories category” and join us in our trail of ”tea or coffee”. merci beaucoup


Titi stepped out of the car. They were already in front of the house. Donald grabbed her arms and kissed her again. She offered no resistance this time, and melted in his arms as he planted kisses all over her mouth.

” thanks for the  dinner” She had managed to say after she broke free from his arms.

“it was my utmost pleasure”. He replied, walking back to his car and started the engine. He waved her goodbye and sped down the street.

Titi walked into her apartment and threw herself on the bed. She heard frying noises from the kitchen. Tania was definitely frying eggs for dinner.

” Titi is that you? her roommate Tania asked from the kitchen

” yea. it is ”

” welcome. how was work today? I heard the sound of a car engine before you came in. Did you come home with a cab? she asked from the kitchen.

“no, Donald Ehis drove me home. ”

A loud clang came from the kitchen, obviously anything Tania was holding in her hands had slipped and fallen to the floor. Titi chuckled as Tania darted out of the kitchen.

” Hope you didn’t pour hot oil on yourself. Tania? she asked smiling.

” no, Titi. it was just a spoon. I could as well pour a lot of acid on my body and what you just told me would heal its wound.  babe, we don hammer. We are made o. The landlord just brought our rent notification, and Titi you know its yuletide already, so we need to shop, I heard Shoprite has some cheap stock now, nah,. she said after a second thought. ”we don’t need to worry whether its cheap or not, we have money now, and hey titi did you notice the new salon down the street. I would really love to make my hair there, I saw tiwa savage  walk in there yesterday and……

” hold on, Titi interrupted her ramblings. ”with whose money are you going to use to do all  you just said  right now ?”. She asked puzzled.

” you didn’t allow me to finish what’s on my list, as for the money, its Donald ehis’s money of course”

” just cut your dreams short. Tania”

abeg, abeg. no dull me. titi. I no come lagos to come count bridge, and I am sure you didn’t either. You have junior ones don’t you? people who look up to you. This is a perfect opportunity to have a turn around in your life. It is oil tycoon,  business man, handsome Donald ehis , son of the governor of Edo state  we are talking about here. Do you think he is in love with you? of course not. Everybody in this whole country knows the kind of man Donald Ehis is. It’s just the honey pot between your legs he is after. and you should be damn lucky, he is after what’s between your legs.”

Titi’s heart sank.

” nothing goes for nothing, titi. Tania continued. What are you expecting? that Donald is serious with you, no be so, dear. You get the money, I mean as much as you can from him and he gets your treasure.”

” Donald is not that kind of man people actually think he is. He is actually nice”

” -Yea, he is, at least until he gets what he wants. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with him already. Tell me, did you make out with him  in the car? Tania asked.

” no .”

“” kisses?

Titi was silent.

” yea, I got you. use your opportunity wisely before he dumps you for another new catch who would surely thank the stars for her luck.”

” so what exactly are you driving at?

” give him what he wants and get what he has. simple formula. let me get something for you to eat, you look tired.”

” no, thanks, we did dinner already. ”

” that’s a good start dearie.” Tania replied and walked back into the kitchen.

Titi shook her head. Tania would possibly not understand.  She, unlike her was the perfect definition of what is called ”aristo”  in the local parlance. She believed that the only true power a woman had, was tucked in between her legs. Titi was sure that If it wasn’t her close relationship with Tania since  their secondary school days, she would probably have sought ways to court Donald’s attention. But what was she, Titi to do? She wasn’t like that. yes, she was normal, at least she had what other women had, and felt sexual desires within her just like a normal woman, but she sadly couldn’t fulfill them. The only two occasions she had sex had led to the death of  two innocent men. So how can she follow Tania’s advice? of course she can’t, no matter how helpless she feels in Donald’s presence, she would never allow anything of that sort to happen. Or should she just stop seeing Donald, at least they say prevention is better than cure.  the beep of her phone cut short her reverie. It was Donald.

” hi, did I disturb your sleep? he asked.

” no, not at all” Titi replied

“I’m home already. So I decided to call you up and say goodnight”

” that’s sweet of you”

“titi. he said calmly.

“” what?

” thank you?

“for what?

” for making my day”

” It was my pleasure. You made mine too.” She replied.

” When are we seeing  again?

” I am on a duty to your office in the mornings. That’s what my boss Bella told me”

” No need to worry about that. I would send my driver to always pick it up. I wouldn’t want to stress you.”

“alright. if you say so. Thanks for the call.”

” thanks too.”

Donald dropped, and immediately the phone rang. He quickly picked up.

” Hello, Titi”

” and who is titi? a female voice asked on the other end.

Donald recognized the voice instantly.

” hi, Beverly”

” hi sweet”

” how is the states? Donald asked.

” It’s extremely cold here honey. snows and all. it’s winter here, and a very harsh one. the colder it gets, the more I miss you Donald.

” I thought we were through with this Beverly?

” I know, Donald. I just can’t stop thinking of you. You own my heart and you know that too well.”

” all that was in the past, Beverly.”

  • I’m coming back home very soon. I haven’t fixed a date but it would be very soon. I have missed you so much for me to remain here alone.”

Donald sighed.

” alright, he replied”

“take care love”

“take care Beverly”

He threw his phone on the couch. Universally, women are the hardest beings to deal with a  breakup. They would stalk you and refuse your honest ” it’s over” and Beverly was no exception.  She had come into his life a year ago. He met her at the Future awards. She had  won an award  for the best make-up/beautician of the year. he had found her, then, not only beautiful but intelligent. She turned out to be a nice cook, and she wasn’t bad on the bed either. she had found favor in the eyes of his mother, who always thought he was going to marry her (and who still thinks he would marry her). Donald knew from the first time he saw her, that he wasn’t going to settle down with her.  She was too demanding, and too materialistic. Two things he hated in a woman. He glanced at the wall clock, eleven had just hit the dial. he moved to his bedroom and went to sleep.

Five pm, New York city. Beverly sat straight up. ” who the heck  was Titi? is she the bitch Donald felt he could dump me for? she thought to herself.  I better round up my stay here. whoever the fuck Titi was, had to leave Donald’s life forever no matter what it takes me”.  She hit her fist on her office desk for emphasis.

Back home in Nigeria, Titi smiled innocently in her sleep.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Due to the Xmas season, tea or coffee, the third episode would be out next week
let’s find out what Beverly has up her sleeve.

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