Happy New year people.

Hello blog family. Happy new year. I hope your holidays were great. For me, it wasn’t really my best of hols because I had to go to work all through it till 31st, except on boxing day when I decided to hang out with friends on a beach.
Wow! It’s 2014, and resolutions are flying around, but I decided to make just one(one is actually easy to keep), and draft a list of goals and expectations, that I pray would materialize this year. I thank poems and people, Joe seeber, Sfox writing, Dennis Cardiff, dearie Erika Fuego, Christian Mihai, sweetheart and friend Mz Tranquility, fellow Nigerian brother, Iruesiri Samson, Damayanti and all other lovely people who follow this blog, my Facebook page friends, email friends, and all who followed this blog last year, I am so grateful. I hope I meet your expectations. My wordpress friends,Reading your blogs were inspirational, and I look forward to increased close relationship between us this year. Not forgetting PF. Lenzi, your blog sir, has been one of the most inspirational poetic blogs, I have ever read.
Happy New year friends and wish me too, happy new year of blogging😊

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