Morning with you. 

Like all my nights

I thought you’d  disappear with the fading of the liquor.

before you, 

 i was a bus without a stop 

driven by drunk drivers 

who chose to take me nowhere.

 i was a carnival of masquerades 

 unveiling their shadows 

after a couple of festivals.

my body – a map of crumbled cities

that bore roads to every stranger 

that walked on each one of them.
so you see, i know good bye so well,

like I know the echo of my own name.
So when you knocked 

there were no butterflies 

they had ceased to fly

 crickets swarm in my insides 

and asked me to run. 


that you were another one.
but bodies speak a different language 

they speak  the language of magnets

so while you stood,

i longed to cling to  your metals

like I always do

without expecting anything in return,

like I have learnt to do

and in a single night 

you became electricity 

you became music

you became light

you unfolded all my nights 

and I became a baby new born

knowing for the first time 

the feel of morning.

what do you think about this ?

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