Gbazango’s Cry.

There’s a lot of  hate in our country these days.  People are constantly being hated on the lines of ethnic and religious bigotry.

The whole world is screaming ‘black lives matter ‘ truth is,  everywhere all lives truly matter. All lives are sacred. 

Embrace and spread peace. 

Gbazango’s cry. 

(For Mrs Eunice Elisha, hacked to death  on by extremists as she was preaching in Gbazango, kubwa, Abuja and other many souls who have gone in same manner. May they rest in peace) 

I did not die for a god 
I am another martyr  of a country

that mouths  Yahweh  and Allah but worships  armageddon.
When my cries drowned that of  the muezzin,

the Quran and the Bible became a blank sheet.

It’s for Jesus and Mohamed to count  tally 

-the devil will settle scores. 
my soul is in a bus filled with my country men 

someone is trying to say a prayer

and  all that comes out is hell. 


Fire in souls,  fire in hearts that burn out  the good in a god. 
Country man,

I did not go with the ash

I remain in the plaintive  song on my children’s  tongue.

My children and yours will sing  someday 

not in a difficult language,

or in tongues,

but in a language where our gods know their names 

and call them fondly.

what do you think about this ?

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