If you would turn,

that is,

cast just a single gaze at me,

you would see the  river that  leads back home.

It’s waters are rising

ebbing, swelling,

falling in drops.
Every single tear carries your face,


like altar boys with holy bread.
So if you’d still leave,

Go now.

  do not look back.

I would be the night clouds,

without moonlight 

 in search of little stars that would be light.
Do not miss my presence ,

I would be the prodigal finding happiness in lost lands.

My roots spreading, searching for new soil.
But if you, 

like the wild birds that fly miles back to their home,

come back to me,

In the light of your dawn,

all darkness of mine shall be undone.

all days before that day erased

all earlier words  rephrased and lost in the welcome of your eyes.
 I would  be a wild flower and a blooming  rainbow 

Unfolding,  revealing,  restating my love for you 

In a splash of colours.

_pic credit: Ani Brendan_____________

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