Midnight is not for witches
Flying on broomsticks
Midnight is not for the last drunkard at the bar
Or  day for the last stripper clad in  her bra.
Midnight is for the dreamer blessed with
joseph joys.
It is  when mermaids play with thier mortal toys.
Midnight is  for the spirits  watching the moon
It is  for the old man replaying his fav’ tune.
Midnight is the earth giving us dreams
For our weary minds to join in immortal  hymns.
Midnight is our soul’s day.
It is when spirits and poems gather to play.

With so much love. Edozie✔



Maiden of the  night,
Through the corridors of my dreams
I approach your queenly  sight
Luminous beauty
Ethereal creature of the sea
Lead me down the ocean stair
To the depths of our watery lair
Your servants  from upper waters descend
-thier coastal queen – they readily attend
Rushling  swishy swashing  thier fish tails
To come squeal to you gossips of immortal tales
Let me sip from your immortal lips,
That life giving kiss
Nestle your lips on my lips,
And let’s make haste to make the running night slow
For you know my spirit returns to my body
When the moon loses it’s glow.
O!  Succubus, make me forget this spiritual tryst
So when I wake up in the morn to the reality that the sun brings
Let me  blame the sticky liquid on my trousers on wet dreams.

Poetic freestyle..

I have come through this path,
the lonely path to your heart,
strewn with thorns and thistles
I have endured all
the heartbreaks as painful
as shots from a hunter’s pistol.
I won’t give up on this quest
my heart would never rest
until i have you in my nest.



Life brought me this far,
I shouldn’t complain,
all my sufferings and woes are
compared to my blessings
just a little pain.

Life steered me this far,
I shouldn’t grieve
as my downfalls and stumbles
compared to my successes is but a little thing
that, I believe.

Life drove me this far,
I better stay calm,
as my impatience
would do me no good
than great harm.

Life brought me through this rough road,
and I shall survive,
and my accomplishments shall be made known
and the world shall one day would be aware,
that I was once truly alive.

Twinkle Like The Stars.


Myriad of stars,
running into billions,
as countless as grains of sand
yet the galaxy, so gracious
and the sky so merciful,
gives all, one by one,
the room to shine,
the freedom to glow.
why hide your light
when the world needs it?
Ease yourself of that pain
remove yourself from poverty’s cruel chain
and join the stars
illuminate and shine
as they do above.

Happy New year people.

Hello blog family. Happy new year. I hope your holidays were great. For me, it wasn’t really my best of hols because I had to go to work all through it till 31st, except on boxing day when I decided to hang out with friends on a beach.
Wow! It’s 2014, and resolutions are flying around, but I decided to make just one(one is actually easy to keep), and draft a list of goals and expectations, that I pray would materialize this year. I thank poems and people, Joe seeber, Sfox writing, Dennis Cardiff, dearie Erika Fuego, Christian Mihai, sweetheart and friend Mz Tranquility, fellow Nigerian brother, Iruesiri Samson, Damayanti and all other lovely people who follow this blog, my Facebook page friends, email friends, and all who followed this blog last year, I am so grateful. I hope I meet your expectations. My wordpress friends,Reading your blogs were inspirational, and I look forward to increased close relationship between us this year. Not forgetting PF. Lenzi, your blog sir, has been one of the most inspirational poetic blogs, I have ever read.
Happy New year friends and wish me too, happy new year of blogging😊